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Safe & Sound Protocol

The Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)

The Safe & Sound Protocol is a unique therapeutic music-listening intervention, using specially-filtered music that strengthens and regulates your nervous system. Having a regulated nervous system is one of the best gifts you can give yourself! It increases your capacity for connection to yourself and others, improves your stress tolerance and responses, and helps you find a grounded state of feeling present, safe, and more flexible to changes and challenges in your life.


I offer this experience either as an adjunct to my existing counselling clients, or as a stand-alone service to those seeking the SSP while in the care of another health professional providing primary support.

Unyte Single Femme Listener

Who Could Benefit ?

The SSP is suitable for all ages and can serve a wide variety of folks. It has been designed to complement numerous therapeutic approaches and modalities you may already be exploring, or plan to explore, with a therapist. The SSP could support the navigation of your challenges and enhancement of your gifts if you're living with:


A Unique Sensory


Chronic Pain or

Gut Health Challenges

Communication/Social Struggles


Depressive Mood

Identity Exploration

Traumatic Experiences


Sleep Difficulties

Insecure Attachment

This list is not exhaustive. Ask me if I think the SSP could help with your specific circumstance.

Changes You Might Notice

The SSP is like a gym workout but for your nervous system. I can't guarantee a specific outcome but we can make pretty dang good guesses based on the extensive research that's been done*. Here are some of the many possibilities:

  • Lessened symptoms of anxiety & depression

  • Reduced chronic pain

  • Increased feelings of calmness, decreased restlessness

  • Reduction in sensory sensitivities

  • Increased comfort with transitions and change

  • Better tolerance for busy environments

  • Enriched communication & social skills

  • Improved processing speed

  • Improved organizational skills

  • Enhanced tolerance of distress

  • Increased ability to identify feelings

  • Improved communication about self (particularly about emotions)

  • Decreased panic, fears and phobias

  • Improved digestive function

*Contact me to receive an evidence summary and sources.

Learn More

Click that green button for more info about the science behind the SSP and what to expect from listening sessions.


The SSP program is available as a stand-alone service (i.e to folks not already a counselling client) on a sliding scale from $600-900*. This fee includes:

  • psychoeducation session plus provision of additional learning resources if desired

  • examination of your pre-listening assessment questionnaires to determine best delivery practice for you

  • access to the proprietary filtered music via a digital app

  • a 50-min session for additional prep and the first listening experience

    • if additional ​live-support listening sessions are indicated or desired, we will co-create a sustainable fee for this support

  • ongoing following of your experience; support and guidance from me for the duration of the core, 5-h listening program, via a secure messaging service

  • Note that over-ear headphones (vs earbuds or on-ear headphones) are required for the SSP. If you do not have a pair, acquiring these will incur an extra cost (average cost of a suitable pair is $50, though you may choose higher quality to use for additional purposes). You may source your own or I can direct you to online options.

A note on sliding scale: My intention with the lower range of that scale is to increase access for folks who are un(der)employed and without external financial support. I ask that you take the time to check in with your current financial situation to determine how it may support you in your therapeutic work. I appreciate and trust in the effort and honesty of your reflection. Know that any fees paid above the lower bracket will truly trickle down to support those accessing at a lower rate. **If you identify as BIPOC or 2SLGBTQQIA+ and finances are still a barrier with this sliding scale, contact me to discuss further.**



Yeah it's pretty cool stuff.

But there's lots more to know and discuss to see if it's the right fit for you. Get in touch and we'll go over all the details.

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