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Frequently Asked Q's

Do you only work online?

My primary location is online, yes. On occasion, I may suggest a walk-n-talk in the warmer weather, if we both feel it to be appropriate and therapeutic.

How long are sessions?

Individual sessions are typically 50 minutes but can be 75 minutes. Dyad sessions are the same but there's more likeliness that we'll explore 75 minute sessions. We will discuss what's best for you.

What kind of techniques do you use?

We may begin with your stories of your past, where you're at currently, or your personal visions for your future. I bring an understanding of trauma and attachment wounds, and most often draw inspiration from mindfulness, communication skills, radical acceptance plus change, neurobiology, and the evaluation of thoughts, emotions, and behavioural practices. In addition, my years as a music therapist allow me to bring in creative approaches, such as songwriting or art to music, if this interests you. However, my education and experience do not make me the expert on your life — I highly value the uniqueness of each individual and understand that no one method works for everyone. This is why we work together, with innovation and flexibility, to create the best way forward for you.

What does it cost?

Contact me for rates. Payment arrangements will be made at the start of the therapy relationship. Options for payment include e-transfer, PayPal, credit, and debit, paid at the start or end of each session. Arrangements for bundles can be made on an individual basis.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Therapeutic services aren't always accessible to those who need it most. Folks who face social oppression often face it in many facets of their lives, including financially. As part of my commitment to accessible counselling, a number of sliding scale appointments are available for new clients demonstrating financial need with priority given to those who self-identify as experiencing oppression or marginalization. Feel free to contact me to discuss your situation.

What if I have to cancel?

If you need to cancel or reschedule, kindly do so 48h in advance of your session time or you will be responsible for paying half your session rate. If you cancel less than 24h in advance, the session rate must be paid in full. We can always discuss emergency situations.

What if it's a few sessions in and I feel like it's not a good fit?

It only works for me if it works for you too. If you feel like something isn't sitting quite right, I want to hear about it. Then we can make some changes, or discuss what it would be like for you to change therapists.

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